Tracey R. Jones, Ph.D. is a Clinical Assistant Professor, specializing in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and Bilingual Education. Her areas of research interest include second language acquisition, bilingual and dual language education, TESOL methodology, Spanish language teaching methodology, Spanish for Heritage Speakers and community engagement. Her work explores connecting university students to their local communities, specifically in and through the Spanish language.

Dr. Jones’ teaching career spans 25 years and various contexts. In her experience as a K-12 educator, she taught ESOL, Spanish and English at the high school level in southern and northern California. In Texas, she holds certifications for elementary and secondary teaching, ESOL and bilingual education. Dr. Jones regularly serves on committees for textbook and curriculum reviews for the Texas Education Agency.

A Ph.D. graduate of New Mexico State University, Dr. Jones received the 2018 award in Teaching Excellence from the Texas Foreign Language Association (TFLA). She also holds three master’s degrees — in Education, in English Linguistics and TESOL with an international TESOL certificate, and in Spanish Literature and Linguistics. Prior to her current position, Dr. Jones was a Lecturer in Spanish in the Modern Languages and Cultures Department at Baylor, and also taught English to International Students in Baylor’s Global Gateway Program.