Madelon McCall, Ed.D., is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. Before joining Baylor in 2011 she was a public school educator, teaching chemistry and serving as a high school science instructional specialist. She presently teaches junior-level secondary science methods and generalist secondary education courses in the School of Education, as well as Integrated Science (ISCI) for elementary teachers through the College of Arts and Sciences. Dr. McCall also teaches in the Masters of Arts in Teaching and EDD in Leadership and Organizational change programs. Dr. McCall is active in the Professional Development School (PDS) partnership and served as a University Liaison to Midway High School 2011-2018. She serves as the Secondary Certificate Coordinator, providing leadership to the Baylor secondary certificate faculty and area schools and teachers for teacher candidate clinical experiences. Dr. McCall is especially interested in the recruitment and retention of quality STEM teachers and works with faculty across Baylor University to develop programs that attract students to the field of STEM education. She is presently working with the College of Arts & Sciences to provide education research support for initiatives involving undergraduate and graduate students in physics and biology and their work with area STEM teachers and students. Dr. McCall’s research is reflective of her diverse background as an educator. She is currently analyzing the effectiveness of co-teaching as a teacher internship model, a Baylor SOE/PDS initiative begun in 2015. Dr. McCall is also very interested in the science content preparation of K-12 teachers. She was instrumental in proposing and gaining approval for a new science course that provides content preparation for elementary education majors to effectively teach K-6 science. Dr. McCall also developed the curriculum for that course, ISCI 2420: Chemistry and Life Science, first offered in fall 2015. Another ongoing research project involving junior teaching associates is providing data for determining how pre-service teachers perceive teacher effectiveness both before and after their teaching associate field experience. Dr. McCall is a member of the Baylor University Curriculum and Instruction graduate faculty and a member of the EdD in Learning and Organizational Change graduate faculty. She contributed to program development, course design and course implementation in the online EdD degree program and has developed courses for the Master of Arts in Teaching degree.

Degrees (3)

Ed.D. Curriculum and Instruction
Baylor University
Waco, TX

M. S., Biology
Baylor University
Waco, TX

B.S., Secondary Education (Science)
Lamar University
Beaumont, TX