Randy M. Wood, Ph.D., has written several books and numerous articles in professional journals during his 30-plus years at Baylor. He has also directed the Center for Christian Education and worked extensively with private, Christian schools across Texas. In 2006 he was named the Educator of the Year by the Accreditation Commission of the Texas Association of Baptist Schools. In 2007, Dr. Wood was selected as one of 14 Difference Makers by the Waco Tribune-Herald. Golden Key International Honour Society has also recognized Dr. Wood by presenting several awards related to his work with literacy. He has chaired a committee to develop literacy initiatives in all 345 US Golden Key University Chapters for the 2007-08 school year.

Over the last 16 years, Dr. Wood has worked with the School of Education to develop a site-based program at Cesar Chavez Middle School. His work there has been a part of the new teacher preparation program at Baylor that places students in schools as early as their freshman year. These Professional Development Schools help prepare student to be excellent teachers for the schools of tomorrow through dynamic contact with students under supervision. This work has been multifaceted. After-school student tutoring in math and English/literacy have been a creative part of this work that began at Cesar Chavez Middle School and has now expanded to University Middle School, Brazos Middle School, Tennyson Middle School, and Lake Air Middle School. Another significant part of his work has been the creation of an adult literacy program called LEAF (Learning English Among Friends).

For several summers Dr. Wood has partnered with Dr. Trena Wilkerson, School of Education mathematics professor, in creating a summer camp program called HOT TAMaLE that met technology, art, math and literacy needs for students in grades 1-8. He has also developed and teaches the only international course for master’s and doctoral students in Curriculum in Italy. Currently he is the advisor for the Club Baseball team and Pi Kappa Phi fraternity.