Justina Ogodo, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at Baylor’s School of Education. She earned her doctoral degree in curriculum and instruction from the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa. Her science teaching career spans over two decades across K - 20 settings. She is passionate about students' learning because of her firm belief that every child has unique assets waiting to be discovered and that, given equitable learning opportunities, every child can learn and succeed. Therefore, she strives to equip teachers to meet students where they are and take them where they need to be. Her research focuses on the “why” behind what teachers do and uses this lens to examine STEM teaching and how teachers’ culturally responsive knowledge informs their pedagogical effectiveness. Dr. Ogodo teaches undergraduate and graduate courses covering science curriculum, teaching for understanding, social issues in education, and general teacher praxis through a culturally responsive lens in urban settings. She has authored several articles in peer-reviewed journals and book chapters and is currently co-editing a book.

Dr. Ogodo is affiliated with several professional organizations and has served in various administrative positions. She is currently the Chair of the Constructivism Theory and Practice SIG Chair of the American Education Research Association (AERA), past Chair of the Equity and Ethics Committee, National Association of Research in Science Teaching (NARST), Election Committee member, School Science and Mathematics Association (SSMA), and the Mixed-Methods International Research Association (MMIRA) where she has served on various administrative roles and is currently the chair of AERA Constructivism Theory, Research, and Practice SIG.

Select Publications (4)

Ogodo, J. A., Simon. M., Morris, D., & Akubo, M. (2021). Experiences of teachers in the era of coronavirus. Journal of Higher Education Teaching and Practice.


Ogodo, J. A, (2021). Uncharted Territories: COVID-19 and other 2020 events that changed our lives forever. Journal of Multicultural Education. 7(1) Article 4.


Ogodo, J. A. (2019). Comparing Advanced Placement Physics Teachers Experiencing Physics Focused Professional Development. Journal of Science Teacher Education, 30(6), 639-665.


Ogodo, J. Atanda, M. A., Adedoyin, A. C., Carter, S. A., & Thrasher, J. (2021). COVID-19, Cultural competency, and church responsiveness in Nigeria. In R. D. Smith, S. C. Bodie, & B. English (Eds). Radicalized Health, COVID-19, and Religious Responses: Black Atlantic Contexts and Perspectives. Routledge.


Courses (6)

TED 4643/4 – Middle & Secondary Intership

TED 4641/2 – Middle & Secondary Internship

TED 4325 – Science Curriculum

EDC 5699 – Graduate Teaching Internship

TED 3880 – Social Issues in Education

EDC 4350 – Teaching for Understanding