Terrill F. Saxon, Ph.D. is Professor of Educational Psychology, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies & Global Engagement. Dr. Saxon completed his Ph.D. at the University of Kansas (1995), where he studied Educational Psychology and Research and then completed post-doctoral work in KU’s Infant Cognition Center.

Dr. Saxon’s research interests include cross-cultural studies of marginalized and under-resourced children and youth, schooling, teachers and a variety of other education-related factors. He has also published numerous articles in the area of child language development and the role played by parent-child interaction behaviors and other environmental influences.

Dr. Saxon has published in top journals such as Child Development, Educational Psychology Review, Comparative Education Review, Merrill-Palmer Quarterly and the Journal of School Psychology.

Notable externally funded work most recently (2014-2018: $277K) the EnAbled for College program funded by a grant from the AT&T Foundation. The program objective was to mentor disabled and at-risk high school students to prepare for post-secondary education. The Department of Educational Psychology's Dr. Tamara Hodges joined as co-principal investigator.

Degrees (1)

University of Kansas
Lawrence, Kansas

Research Interests (2)

US & Multicultural Studies

US and multicultural studies of marginalized, under-researched children and families and their educational experiences and outcomes.

Infancy/Early Childhood and Language

Early lifespan studies of environmental variables, including parenting, resources and other contextual influences that promote language and literacy.

Select Publications (3)

Increasing Post-Secondary Education (PSE) Readiness for At-Risk Students and Students with Disabilities

Dr. Terrill F. Saxon, professor, published Increasing post-secondary education (PSE) readiness for at-risk students and students with disabilities in Research and Practice in the Schools, Vol. 6, Issue 1, p. 11-26, 10/17/2019, with co-author(s) Dr. Robin Wilson, and Dr. Tamara Hodges, senior lecturer.

Doctoral Degree Attainment from Ronald E. McNair Scholars Program Alumni: An Explanatory Embedded Case Study

Dr. Terrill F. Saxon, professor, published Doctoral degree attainment from Ronald E. McNair scholars program alumni: An explanatory embedded case study in Educational Policy, 10/17/2021, with co-author(s) Dr. Rachel Renbarger, Western Michigan Univ., and Dr. Tony Talbert, professor.

Positive Youth Development: An Experimental Trial with Unattached Adolescents

Dr. Terrill Saxon, professor, published Positive youth development: an experimental trial with unattached adolescents in Journal of Adolescence, Vol. 67, p. 85-97, 10/20/2022, with co-author(s) Dr. Darrell Hull, University of North Texas.

Select Presentations (1)

Preparing and Building Confidence for Students with Disabilities to Transition to Post-secondary Education (PSE)

Dr. Terrill F. Saxon, professor and chair, Dr. Tamara L. Hodges, senior lecturer, and Robin Wilson, doctoral student, presented "Preparing and Building Confidence for Students with Disabilities to Transition to Post-secondary Education (PSE)" at Southwest Educational Research Association annual conference, held February 16, 2016, in New Orleans, LA.

External Grants (1)

Enabled for College

Dr. Terrill F. Saxon, professor and chair; $150,000.00; Enabled for College; AT&T Foundation.