Dr. Tony L. Talbert is a Professor of Social/Cultural Studies Education and Qualitative Research and Graduate Program Director for the Department of Curriculum and Instruction in the School of Education at Baylor University. Dr. Talbert refers to his field of research and teaching as Education As Democracy which integrates social/cultural, diversity, and democracy education into a focused discipline of qualitative and ethnographic inquiry examining school and community stakeholder empowerment through activist engagement in political, economic, and social issues.

Dr. Talbert’s thirty-four (34) years as an educator has included teaching, research, and service in public schools, universities, governmental and corporate institutions. Dr. Talbert began his career in education as a public school history and government teacher where he applied his previous training as a stage actor by engaging his students in the exploration of the human story by integrating the students’ own lived experiences with the historic drama and comedy that encompassed the lives of the characters and events being studied.

As a high school history/government teacher Dr. Talbert earned a Master of Arts degree in American Studies at Baylor University. While a public school teacher he became a popular invited speaker at several national conferences where he showcased such creative teaching seminars as He Ain’t Crazy Mama He’s My History Teacher and Thinking Thoughts That Need to Be “Thunk”. After seven years as a high school teacher, Dr. Talbert was asked to serve as an Education Specialist with the Texas Education Agency (TEA) where he facilitated professional development opportunities for educators statewide and nationally. After two years with the TEA, Dr. Talbert was recruited to serve as the Executive Director of the Sam Houston State University Center for Professional Development where he was provided the opportunity to collaborate with public school and university educators and students in the exploration and application of cutting-edge digital technology integration into curriculum and pedagogy. During this time Dr. Talbert earned his Doctor of Education Degree in Cultural/Social Studies and Qualitative Research at The University of Houston. Upon earning his Ed.D. Dr. Talbert combined his passion for creative teaching with his highly developed skills as a qualitative researcher and began his career in academia with a commitment to fully integrating the scholarship of discovery with the scholarship of teaching.

During Dr. Talbert’s thirty-four (34) year career as a university educator, Dr. Talbert as held or holds the position of Professor, Associate Dean, Department Chair, Graduate Program Director, and Assistant Department Chair at such institutions as Sam Houston State University, Mississippi State University, The University of Houston, and since 2002 Baylor University. Over his career in academia, Dr. Talbert has actively contributed to scholarship in his field through the publication of two (2) books, over forty- five (45) peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters, more than eighty-five (85) peer-reviewed and invited research and keynote presentations and collaboratively obtaining in excess of $2.8 million in funded research. Dr. Talbert’s academic service to the profession includes serving as an associate editor for two (2) academic journals, elected chair, and co-chair of multiple national and international research divisions and special interest groups for professional organizations. Dr. Talbert’s role as an academic mentor has afforded him the opportunity to serve as the chair and methodologist for over one-hundred (100) masters and doctoral theses and dissertations. As a respected leader in his fields of social/cultural studies education and qualitative research, he has collaborated with his faculty peers across the U.S. in the development and implementation of the Baylor Ethnographic and Qualitative Research Network (BEQRN) and the doctoral qualitative research core of courses (e.g., introduction to qualitative research and analysis, case study research and analysis, ethnographic research and analysis, and mixed methods research and analysis) that provide a strong foundation of qualitative research and analysis for both experienced and emerging scholars.

Dr. Talbert’s numerous teaching and research awards include 2017 Baylor University Honors College Distinguished Faculty Award, 2015 & 2016 Baylor University Invited First Faculty Lecture, 2015 Baylor University Invited Last Lecture Presenter, 2014 McGraw Hill Distinguished Scholar Award, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2008, Baylor University Outstanding Faculty Award for Teaching Nominee, 2011 Baylor University Fellow, 2005-2017 Academic Keys Who’s Who in Education, 2003 Cornelia Marschall Smith Professor of the Year Award Nominee. 2003 Baylor University School of Education Faculty Achievement in Teaching Award, 2003 Baylor University School of Education Faculty Achievement in Leadership, 2003 Phi Kappa Chi Light Your World Banquet honoring Most Influential Professors at BU, 2001 University of Houston New Faculty Research Award; 2001 UH Grant to Enhance and Advance Research Award.

In 2013 Dr. Talbert decided that it had been far too long since he had been fully immersed in the real world of teaching. Therefore, he submitted an application to Baylor University for a research sabbatical and returned after more than a twenty-three-year absence to the high school classroom where he taught World History to one-hundred and sixty-six tenth grade students. His experiences have been captured in both academic journals and popular press articles and will be the subject of a book in the future. Most recently Dr. Talbert was named as the recipient of the 2014 McGraw-Hill Distinguished Scholar Award for his contributions to qualitative research in the field of education.