Critically Conscious Reciprocal Mentoring (CCRM) – A Conceptual Framework

Dr. Tony L. “Poppy” Talbert, Dr. Kevin R. Magill, and Dr. Brooke E. Blevins are engaged in a multi-phased research project that integrates philosophy, theory, and practice into a conceptual framework they’ve titled, Critically Conscious Reciprocal Mentoring (CCRM). Critically Conscious Reciprocal Mentoring (CCRM) provides an emerging conceptual framework for persons to form a dialogical and reflexive relationship that explicitly dismantles the power imbalances inherent in transactional mentoring structures that comprise the traditional mentor-to-mentee dichotomy. The multi-phased philosophical, theoretical, practice-based CCRM research is grounded in qualitative methodologies and framed within the seminal and contemporary research literature that incorporates the values of difference, diversity, equity, and inclusion. The ultimate goal of Talbert’s, Magill’s, and Blevins’ cutting-edge CCRM research is to move from a conceptual to a theoretical framework that when applied will facilitate the reimagining and renewing of an egalitarian learning community in formal and informal spaces.

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