Qualitative Research Design

Dr. Tony L. “Poppy” Talbert is a respected leader and methodologist in the fields of Qualitative Research and Mixed Methods Research. He has collaborated with his faculty peers across the nation and around the globe in the development and implementation of multiple academic and professional development enterprises that provide a strong foundation of qualitative research and analysis theory and practice for both experienced and emerging scholars. He is currently engaged in multiple teaching and research projects with faculty colleagues and students examining the theoretical and applied ideas of qualitative and mixed methods data as a means to data-driven discourse that informs and engages the public.

For further information on Dr. Talbert’s teaching and research in the areas of qualitative research design and analysis, social/cultural studies education (e.g., education as democracy), and, public education policy and practice, please contact him via email at Tony_Talbert@baylor.edu and/or http://soefaculty.baylor.edu/tony-talbert/