Social-Cultural Studies-Education Foundations-Philosophy-Education As Democracy

Dr. Tony L. “Poppy” Talbert is a Professor of Social/Cultural Studies Education and Qualitative Research in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction in the School of Education at Baylor University. Dr. Talbert refers to his field of research and teaching as Education As Democracy which integrates social/cultural foundations and philosophies of education, equity, diversity, inclusion, and democracy education into a focused discipline of qualitative and ethnographic inquiry examining school and community stakeholder empowerment through activist engagement in political, economic, and social issues. Dr. Talbert’s 36 years as an educator and 28 years as a national and international scholar of impact, have provided him with a depth and breadth of knowledge and experiences that inform his research and practice in education improvement and renewal.

For further information on Dr. Talbert’s teaching and research in the areas of qualitative research design and analysis, social/cultural studies education (e.g., education as democracy), and, public education policy and practice, please contact him via email at and/or